January 20, 2021

Celebrating a New Era!

We have been waiting so long for this glorious and historic day!! We can finally close one of the worst chapters in American history and bid farewell to the four nightmare years of the Trump presidency. Today we celebrate Joe Biden as our 46th President and Kamala Harris, our first woman Vice-President and the daughter of immigrant parents from India and Jamaica!! Each of these leaders brings tremendous commitment, expertise, honor, integrity, compassion, and empathy to deal with the unprecedented crises we face as a nation, with the COVID pandemic and the racial, social, and economic injustices that dominate our country as well as the critical issues of climate insecurity and America’s role in the world.

Democracy has been on full display during this joyful day for the U.S. – just two weeks after the insurrection at the Capitol. In his Inaugural Address, President Biden called for unity “to fight … anger, resentment, hatred, extremism, lawlessness, violence, disease, joblessness and hopelessness.” He called on each of us “to defend the truth and defeat the lies.” The huge challenges we face in the coming months and years are exacerbated by the deep divisions in this country. However, for the first time since the Obama administration, we can see hope, light, and opportunity. We have leadership in the White House and in the Democratic-controlled Congress committed to truth, transparency, and building trust and bipartisanship and to taking bold, urgent action. Let’s hope that all Republican members of Congress will begin to put their oath of office and the nation’s needs ahead of their own personal political ambitions.

During the Inauguration, our spirits were also uplifted by Amanda Gorman who, at age 22, delivered with passion her remarkable poem “The Hill We Climb”, echoing the theme of unity and collaboration. We were also treated to wonderful musical performances by some of our greatest stars, both at the Inauguration and during the evening gala which ended with a spectacular firework display.

An inspirational opening day in a new era in U.S. history, bringing smiles, laughter, dancing, and tears of joy to so many of us!